PCB Assembly

ATAPCB is a PCB manufacturer which can also offer turnkey PCB assembly service, including prototype PCB assembly, component sourcing, and functional testing. ATAPCB provides different PCB assembly types to meet different requirements.

There are several commonly PCB assembly types:

  • SMT (surface mount) assembly SMT is a kind of assembly that soldering the surface mount components onto the PCBs. It is a popular assembly type in today’s electronics industry. SMT assembly helps to reduce the volume and weight of electronic devices, and its excellent performance is also an important factor in its popularity.
  • Through-hole assembly
    Through-hole assembly is the earliest assembly method in the PCB industry. The components are fixed onto the board by using the lead inserted into the hole. Though SMT has occupied most of the assembly market, the through-hole assembly still has a part of irreplaceable status due to its advantages, such as high reliability and high durability.
  • BGA (ball-grid-array) assembly
    BGA is a type of SMT assembly. The pins in SMT are replaced by solder balls, which supply more interconnection pins than regular SMT. BGA assembly provides high density, better heat conduction, and excellent electrical performance.
  • Mixed assembly
    Mixed assembly is a situation where several assembly types are used on the same PCB at the same time. Mixed assembly can make good use of the advantages of different assembly methods to better achieve the design performance of electronic devices.
  • Case/kit assembly
    Case assembly means that the PCB manufacturer provides the customer with finished PCB products with casing. Customers can directly install the finished product in the required location without finding another manufacturer to make the case.

The importance of PCB assembly is becoming more and more prominent. Advanced production equipment, professional technical personnel, and excellent management system are the guarantees of the PCB assembly quality. ATAPCB can meet all your requirements of PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing.

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