Consigned PCB assembly

Consigned PCB assembly requires the customers to provide part or all bare boards and components, and the PCB assembly manufacturers do the assembly process. Although many of our customers prefer our complete turnkey assembly service, some customers still choose consigned PCB assembly service.

Consigned PCB assembly is ideal for customers who have project components or in-house components supply chain. Manufacturers should have a thorough inventory process to ensure that all the customer’s components arrive before assembly begins. Some manufacturers offer the service of stocking consignments, which means customers can stock their own components at the manufacturer’s facility for the next assembly services.


Two types of consigned PCB assembly

  1. Partial consignment PCB assembly

This assembly-type offers a hybrid solution: customers supply parts of the components used in the assembly. Even the bare boards provided by the customer are available. We purchase the rest components and assembly processes.

  1. Fully consignment PCB assembly

Fully consignment PCB assembly means that customers provide all the components and bare boards, and we perform the full assembly.

Whether customers choose a partially consigned PCB assembly or a full assembly, the contract manufacturer will be responsible for the quality of the PCBA.


Benefits of consigned PCB assembly for customers

  1. More precise quality control

Some unique components or parts proprietary or highly expensive products are difficult to replicate or purchase. Customers provide their own components for the assembly, which helps them exercise quality control and ensure the PCBs meet their requirements. At the same time, customers also gain the advantage that products are not copied and retain a significant cost advantage.

  1. Save cost in some cases

If customers have their own components suppliers and can get lower prices, it may be cheaper than opting for a turnkey assembly service. There is another situation: customers have a large backlog of components in the inventory. Then, consignment PCB assembly also can be a smart cost-saving move.

  1. Reduce the turnover time

Customers can send the components to manufacturers directly, eliminating the process and waiting time for manufacturers to purchase parts. With the manufacturers’ fully automated assembly services, customers can quickly get their assembly products and have a quick time to market.


Consigned PCB assembly service is designed to provide customers with flexibility and freedom in the PCB prototyping and assembly process. ATAPCB works with our clients to run the best assembly solution. The clients offer the components to us, and we use our advanced assembly technology and machines to complete the whole assembly process. Consignment PCB assembly is a win-win assembly solution.

ATAPCB is fully equipped to provide both consigned PCB assembly as well as full turnkey assembly. We have rich experience in manufacturing and assembling PCBs, making us capable of dealing with all types of PCBs, no matter how complex they are. All you need to do is to tell our team your specific requirements, and you will get a cost-effective solution for your PCB assembly project.

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