PCB assembly overview

PCB assembly(PCBA) is a key step in the manufacturing of electronic products. PCB is the support of electronic components and the provider of circuit connection of electronic components. PCBA essentially belongs to the manufacturing process, which assembles the components on the empty PCB through SMT or DIP plug-in.

Different PCB assembly forms 

(1) Prototype PCB assembly

PCB assembly prototype usually is a cost-effective way to check out how well the PCBs are designed before generating a large order. ATAPCB provides a turnkey quick PCB assembly service, helping our customers quickly identify any potential problems in the PCB design and optimize the quality of the final board.

(2) Low-volume PCB assembly

Low-volume PCB assembly usually refers to orders below 5,000 pcs. Rapidly changing products designs are driving the growing demand for small-volume PCB assembly. On the one hand, low-volume PCB assembly can optimize PCB designs before mass production; on the other hand, it can also meet the needs of more varieties and less quantity of products.


(3) High-volume PCB assembly

The quantity above 10,000 pcs is called a high-volume PCB assembly. In general, high-volume/mass PCB assembly is suitable for products that are in high demand in the short term and do not have design changes. Usually, high-volume PCB assembly is cheaper, which can effectively reduce production costs and optimize production cycles.


(4) High-mix PCB assembly

High-mix PCB assembly grows with the development of low-volume production. The rapid update and diversification of electronic products put forward higher requirements for PCB assembly service. ATAPCB owns an advanced inventory management system, flexible production line scheduling, and advanced equipment configuration. You can trust us with the high-mix PCB assembly project.


(5) Consigned & Partial PCB assembly

PCB assembly turnkey service is one of our professional PCB services. It allows us to run your entire project from PCB manufacturing, assembly, component sourcing to functional test. The whole manufacturing process of the electronic products can be finished in one manufacturer, which saves time and reduces costs. Customers also have the right to select parts of the services.


The current situation of the PCB assembly market

One-stop/turnkey PCB assembly service is the mainstream way in the PCB manufacturing industry in China. ATAPCB is one of the professional PCB assembly manufacturers that can provide a one-stop PCB assembly service, making it possible for customers to get the assembly products with higher quality and lower cost in less time.

Moreover, sales in ATAPCB have many years of experience in the circuit board industry. They are pretty proficient in English, which can solve the language communication problems of the assembly service for customers from Europe and America, and other foreign regions.

PCB itself is a product in a specialized field, and language and cultural differences will further increase the difficulty of online communication. Lack of professional knowledge in PCB assembly and foreign language communication ability will make it difficult for foreign customers to find a suitable PCB manufacturer through online communication alone.


ATAPCB’s sales have strong English communication skills and rich professional PCB knowledge. What’s more, the company will regularly organize sales for circuit board professional knowledge training. You can directly consult sales online for any problems related to PCB manufacturing or PCB assembly, and sales will give you a professional reply quickly.

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