High-frequency PCBs

A high-frequency PCB is a particular printed circuit board with high electromagnetic frequencies. Generally, the frequency above 1GHz can be defined as high frequency. High-frequency PCBs typically offer a frequency range of 500MHz to 2GHz to meet the needs of mobile applications, microwave, and high-speed PCB designs.
High-frequency PCBs’ physical performance, precision, technical parameters are very high, often used in automotive collision prevention systems, radio systems, satellite systems, and other fields. Its price is usually higher than standard PCBs.

The characteristics of a high-frequency PCB
1 Impedance control requirements are relatively strict, and the relative linewidth control is rigorous. The general tolerance is about 2%.
2 The adhesion of PTH copper is not high due to the unique board material. Therefore, the perforation and surface must be roughed first with the plasma treatment equipment to increase PTH hole copper and solder ink adhesion.
3. Do not grind the board before welding; otherwise, the adhesion will be inferior. The board can only be roughed with micro etching liquid.
4 Since the boards are mostly polytetrafluoroethylene kind of materials, special milling cutters are required for molding. Because using ordinary milling cutters will produce a lot of burrs.

The importance of high-frequency PCBs
With the development of satellite communication and wireless networks, information products are moving towards high speed and high frequency. Communication products will also move towards the standardization of voice, video, and data in wireless transmission with large capacity and high speed.
Satellite system mobile phone receiving base station and other communication products are bound to develop rapidly, and the related communication products must use high-frequency PCBs. Therefore, the demand for high-frequency PCBs will significantly increase in the future.
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