Octa-Core 64-bit All-in-One Android System with 9″ LCD and Cap Touch

Product Code: S5P6818


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CPU Model: Samsung S5P6818
Number of Cores: Cortex-A53 Octa-Core
Frequency: 400MHz-1.4GHz
Memory RAM: 2GB DDR3, up to 800MHz
Storage eMMC: 16GB
MicroSD Slot x1: MicroSD for external storage up to 64GB
Power Management support dynamic voltage scaling, software power-off, and RTC alarm
power-on functions
Connectivity Ethernet: Gbps Ethernet with unique MAC, RTL8211E chip
4G Module: support EC20 4G Module (MiniPCIe interface),only for text message, no voice service
onboard IPX to SMA antenna interface
MicroSIM Card Slot x1
Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, AP6212
SMA antenna interface
Bluetooth: 4.1 dual-mode
USB USB Host x3: populated from USB 2.0 hub(compatible with USB 1.1)
USB Type-A x1,2.0mm pitch PH-4A connector x2
USB Slave x1: MicroUSB, only for data transmission
Audio Mic In, Headphone Out, 2.0mm pitch PH-4A connector
Video-Input DVP Camera x1: 0.5mm pitch 24pin FPC seat
Pin-header I2C Connector x2: 2.0mm pitch PH-4A connector
SPI/GPIO x2: 2.0mm pitch PH-6A connector it can be used as GPIO pins
Debug UART x1: 3-wire serial port (UART0), 4-Pin 2.54mm pitch header,
it is by default used as a debug serial port
RS-232 Serial Port x2: 3-wire serial port, 2.0mm pitch PH-4A connector
3x2Pin 2.54mm pitch header(includes 1x boot selection used to select boot from eMMC or MicroSD(HIGH means booting from eMMC and LOW means booting from MicroSD), RST x1, PWRKEY x1, GND x3)
User Button Power button x1
User button x3
LED Power LED(Red)*1
User LED(Green)*1
Others 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer x1
PWM buzzer x1: when you want to use the buzzer please short the buzzer pins with a jumper
RTC Battery Holder x1: Onboard RTC battery holder(Model: CR2032)
Working Temperature: -20℃ to 70℃
Power DC 9V~15V/2A

OS Support Android 5.1.1
Kernel version Linux-3.4.39

Weight 565g
Dimension 235.12×156.40mm(without antenna)

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