PTFE RF PCB Manufacturer

What is a Radio Frequency PCB?

In general, the PCB manufacturer considers an RF circuit board to be any high frequency circuit board that operates above 100MHz.

What is an Microwave PCB ?

The main difference between RF circuit boards and Microwave PCBs is in the radio frequency in which they operate. Microwave PCBs are classified as any RF circuit board operating above 2GHz.

We also call PTFE Hybrid PCB; PTFE is the use of Teflon in PCB’s dielectric material. Often synthesized with other high speed materials, PTFE’s incorporate the use of ceramic and other resin systems. Atapcb has Rogers, Arlon, F4B etc. material for PTFE PCB manufacturing.

What are RF PCB & Microwave PCB used for?

HI-Frequency Microwave PCB and Radio Frequency(RF) PTFE PCB (Printed Circuit Board) are extremely useful in the telecommunication industry which is for communication signals in any application that requires receiving and transmitting radio signals. A wide range of electronic components used in various RF communication devices are mechanically supported and electrically connected with the help of high-end PCBs.

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