Quality Guarantee

ATAPCB is a professional PCB manufacture and assembly service supplier in China. With years of experience in PCB production and assembly, we can provide you with high-quality and cost-effective PCB manufacturing, PCB prototyping, PCB assembly, component sourcing service. Quality is a top priority in all stages of the PCB project at ATAPCB.
ATAPCB is fully compliant with the ISO9001:2015 quality management system. Our proto board and assembly service meet the demands of PCB industry standards. We implement many steps to control the quality of our processes and PCBs, from PCB design, PCB manufacture, PCB assembly, to PCB test.
We guarantee that all the PCBs will go through E-test after manufacturing. E-test is used for open and short circuits, capacitance and resistance testing, continuity testing, etc. There are two major types of E-test: flying probe and bed of nails fixture. Flying probe test is low cost and suitable for PCB prototyping. Bed of nails fixture is faster and more accurate, which is economical for batch production.
Visual inspection, automated optical inspection (AOI), and automated X-ray inspection also are required test methods for PCBs/PCBAs at ATAPCB. For these complex circuits board with high-density components, AOI and X-ray inspection complement each other so that all defects and problems on the surface and inside of the multilayer circuit board can be visible.
Those tests are the essential quality control steps in PCB/PCBA manufacturing. ATAPCB runs strict quality control procedures at every PCB/PPCBA manufacturing stage to ensure that every PCB you receive is high performance and quality.
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