Rigid pcb capabilities

ATAPCB specializes in Rigid PCB Manufacturing. We can custom PCB stack-up and produce Rigid PCB where other cannot, Such as: 48 Layers Rigid PCB, 20OZ Heavy Copper PCB, HDI PCB, and so on. If you have more questions, contact us free: support@atapcb.com

Layer Count:
1layer to 48layers
Max Board size:
864 x 610mm (34″x24″)
Finished Copper Thikness:
10Z to 20OZ
Mini trace width/space:
Max Aspect ratio:
Raw Material
Standard FR4: Tg135; High-Tg FR4; Tg170 & Tg180; Rogers 4003C; Rogers 4350B PTFE, Aluminum, Copper base
Surface Finish
Immersion gold(Ni/Au); Hot Air Leveling(Lead Free, RoHS); Hard gold plating; Organic Solderability Preservatives(OSP); Immersion silver; Immersion tin; Gold fingers; Electroless Ni/Au Palladium; Carbon Ink
Solder Mask
Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, White, Matte Black, Matte Greem, Purple, Peelable Mask
White, Yellow, Red
Inspection Methods
100% visual inspection, 100% Fly Probe Testing & E-testing, 100% functional testing
Special technial process
Rigid-Flex boards, Impedance control, Blind & Buried Vias, Laser drillings, Heavy Copper up to 20 OZ, Press holes, Dept control holes, Semi plated hole
PCB thikness Tolerance
Line width/space Tolerance
Hole size Tolerance
Hole position deviation
Impedance control
Warp and Twist:
V-cut remain thikness
V-cut angle:
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