High-volume PCB assembly – Mass Production

The PCB assembly processes are differentiated according to the volume of production on different types. High-volume assembly means mass production of PCB assembly more than 500- 1000 PCBs in one cycle of production. Usually, the high-volume assembly process is automated to ensure it is efficient and eco-friendly.

ATAPCB specializes in high-volume and low-volume PCB assembly with customized features. We provide turnkey high-volume assembly, including PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, component sourcing, testing, and delivery. High-volume PCB assembly refers to a large volume PCB assembly process with features like uniformity, consistency, and automated manufacturing. Most PCB manufacturers prefer high-volume assembly because it offers a lot of industrial benefits.


Advantages of the high-volume PCB assembly

  • Time-efficient production

High-volume PCB assembly fabrication usually uses panelization. The layout designer fills multiple boards in an array on a single substrate or panel. The entire panel is filled at the same time and then decomposed into separate boards. The PCB assembly process is done through SMT lines designed for both flexibility and speed. Automated production lines make clock-around production possible. These automated machines complete high-volume jobs very fast and accurately, which helps narrow the duration of the PCB assembly processes.

  • Production uniformity

The uniformity in high-volume production is maintained because of the pre-set specifications. All the PCBs are produced and assembled uniformly, which helps to maintain consistency in features.


  • Quality consistency

All the PCBs are manufactured and assembled on the same specifications so that they will also be tested under the same considerations to keep quality consistency. And the substrates material and components are usually used in the same batch from the same supplier.

ATAPCB insists that procuring the components only from the authorized and certified vendors to ensure the assembly quality and prevent component failures. We promise that all the components are traceable. High-volume PCB assembly would have the same quality standards as we follow a strict testing and inspection process. We won’t sacrifice quality for anything else.


  • Low cost and fast time-to-market

High-volume production usually is cost-efficiency because the components and necessary raw materials are purchased in bulk. Both bulk purchasing and bulk production can reduce costs and shorten production cycles in general.


ATAPCB’s high-volume assembly capability

As a leading high-volume PCB manufacturer, we have well-equipped work plants, skilled engineers, and dedicated workforces. We developed excellent high-volume assembly capabilities and manufacturing processes based on our advanced assembly lines in the dust-free workshop. We are able to handle the quality expectations of customers at surprisingly competitive prices.

Quality is the cornerstone of all our services. ATAPCB also is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified PCB manufacturer with trained personnel and rigorous inspection flow that adheres to the highest quality standards for high-volume assembly requirements. Our high-quality assurance also relies on other inspection and testing methods like fly-probe testing, X-ray testing, automated optical inspection, etc. All the PCB assemblies are manufactured with specialized technic support and reliability testing.

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