Low-volume assembly

Low-volume assembly is the installing of components on relatively few bare boards. ATAPCB can do low-volume(small-batch) assembly; the quantity of low-volume PCB assembly is from dozens to thousands. But low-volume PCB assembly is the same as regular or high-volume assemblies in process and techniques.

Low-volume assembly is mainly used for product testing, electronic sample production, and small manufacturing. On-time delivery and customer responsiveness are the most important considerations. ATAPCB pays close attention to low-volume assembly operations, just as we do to large order projects. We provide top-notch service and attention to every customer, big or small, because customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

What situations are suitable for low-volume assembly?

  1. Product testing

The development of any new product requires repeated commissioning. Low-volume assembly can test product performance and improve defects at a lower cost and faster speed. It makes sure new items have sufficient degree to test the item viability before mass production at a low price.

  1. Electronic sample production

Low-volume assembly service is friendly to OEMs who are developing new items. In the sample production stage, it only needs a small-batch assembly. Sometimes PCB manufacturers need to make multiple changes based on customer requirements. Low-volume assembly service just meets the demands for sample production.

  1. Small manufacturing for special industry

Some high-precision products require only small volume assembly. Most robots, car parts, and medical devices are made from low-volume production.



The features of the low-volume assembly

  • Low cost

Low-volume assembly usually is a high price in most PCB manufacturers because there is no difference in the process flow required to produce 1 piece and 10,000 pieces. The number is small, but the same process is not small. Low-volume production consumes the same cost with low production efficiency.

ATAPCB has professional prototyping production lines, which effectively solve the problem of high prices for small-batch assembly customers. We also have multiple assembly lines that make it easy to modify product requirements and assembly line specifications in a short time.


  • High-mix

Now the trend is suppling a lot of different products to a lot of different customers. Consumers increasingly hope that products can adapt to their special needs, which leads to decreased production volumes and increased product variety. PCB manufacturers also face a more diverse customer base. High-mix and low-volume assembly give PCB manufacturers the ability to react to changes in the marketplace.

Product variety and fast response times are the challenges for low-volume PCB assembly because they will increase the costs of material handling, labor, test, and other processes. PCB manufacturers must be smart at inventory management, scheduling, mistake-proofing, and process control to be good at high-mix and low-volume assembly. ATAPCB does a great job in these areas. ATAPCB does a great job in these areas.


ATAPCB is well equipped for low-volume or small-batch assembly, and our in-house quality control department will do its utmost to ensure your PCBs meet high quality and performance standards. Low quantity does not mean that the complexity or diversity of the product is compromised. If you have the demands for low-volume assembly, please get in touch with us freely.

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