Turnkey PCB assembly

What is the turnkey PCB assembly?

Turnkey PCB assembly service means that the PCB suppliers will handle all aspects of the PCB project, which is an efficient and cost-effective way to complete PCB assembly. Rather than outsourcing piecemeal manufacturing through several suppliers and hoping everything works out, choosing a one-stop service is more worry-free and even more cost-effective.

Full turnkey assembly service includes all the necessary stages to create a finished assembly product, including PCB manufacturing, components sourcing, PCB assembly, and testing. Design assistance is available, too.

ATAPCB’s turnkey PCB assembly service offers a one-stop PCB solution for prototyping PCB assembly and quantity PCB assembly (including low-volume and high-volume). The minimum quantity is one piece for PCBA.


Advantages of turnkey PCB assembly

  • Shorter production times

When you choose a turnkey PCB assembly service from one manufacturer, you or your engineers do not need to manage contracts with multiple suppliers. This can avoid a lot of repeated communication and reduce the time it takes to run this project. Transporting your products from one manufacturer to another takes time. This transportation time can be eliminated in a one-stop service.

  • Cost saving

All the transportation and shipping time in every stage is not for free. But these costs do not exist for choosing a turnkey assembly service. In addition, the price of raw materials and components may be lower than you purchase them by yourself. Because experienced PCB assembly manufacturers are usually able to provide reliable components at a relatively low cost based on their long-term cooperation with authorized vendors.

  • Fewer production errors

Every assembly stage runs in the same manufacturer; the design and manufacturing departments share crucial information and work together. Then the incompatibilities in manufacturing equipment and software from different manufacturers will be greatly reduced.


ATAPCB’s turnkey PCB assembly service

PCB manufacturing

We own our manufacturing workshop, which is equipped with sophisticated, fully automated machines and professional technicians. We continually stock the raw materials to be ready for your orders. Rigid, flex, rigid-flex boards, HDI PCBs, high-frequency PCBs are available.

Components sourcing

We have long-term cooperation with authorized components vendors, and we have an entire team dedicated to sourcing components (even rare ones). All the components are verified to ensure they are traceable and satisfy your need.

PCB assembly

We will complete a design check before manufacturing to ensure that the design has no errors and meets our production requirements. We also have a special prototyping assembly line and batch production line; the assembly process is highly efficient.

PCB testing

    ATAPCB’s comprehensive testing is applied throughout the PCB assembly process, helping to reduce functional errors and save customers money. Our tests in the whole production stage include in-circuit testing, automated optical inspection (AOI), flying probe testing, X-ray inspection, and so on. You can be sure that the assembly products you receive are exactly what you want.


ATAPCB’s PCB capability gives all the customers the convenience of turnkey service to the PCB manufacturing and assembly needs. As a PCB manufacturer with many years of assembly experience, ATAPCB can provide low-cost PCB fabrication, components procurement, PCB assembly, and testing using our stable supply chains.

ATAPCB’s turnkey PCB assembly service is flexible and adaptable to your requirements; customers can freely choose the full turnkey or partial turnkey service. We are confident with our precision technologies. Whether you need just bare PCBs or full turnkey PCB assembly service, you will never regret choosing ATAPCB as your turnkey PCB assembly partner.

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