PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly

What is the turnkey PCB assembly? Turnkey PCB assembly service means that the PCB suppliers will handle all aspects of the PCB project, which is an efficient and cost-effective way to complete PCB assembly. Rather than outsourcing piecemeal manufacturing through several suppliers and hoping everything works out, choosing a one-stop service is more worry-free and

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High-volume PCB assembly – Mass Production

The PCB assembly processes are differentiated according to the volume of production on different types. High-volume assembly means mass production of PCB assembly more than 500- 1000 PCBs in one cycle of production. Usually, the high-volume assembly process is automated to ensure it is efficient and eco-friendly. ATAPCB specializes in high-volume and low-volume PCB assembly

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Low-volume assembly

Low-volume assembly is the installing of components on relatively few bare boards. ATAPCB can do low-volume(small-batch) assembly; the quantity of low-volume PCB assembly is from dozens to thousands. But low-volume PCB assembly is the same as regular or high-volume assemblies in process and techniques. Low-volume assembly is mainly used for product testing, electronic sample production,

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